Onesta Whipped Wax  2 oz

Onesta Whipped Wax 2 oz

  • Brand:: Onesta
  • Product Code: ONE 170
  • Availability: 18

The Whipped Wax’s is a medium hold hybrid hair creme and wax with a plant based foundation. Organic Coconut Oil seals the cuticle and adds rich moisture. Organic Thyme brings circulation to scalp. Organic Rooibos Tea adds fiber to hair for texture and anti-aging protection to hair.

Benefits: Adds Medium Hold, Versatility, Pliability & Texture.

Organic Properties: Aloe Juice,Coconut Oil, Rooibos Tea, & Thyme.

Natural Fragrance: Juniper, Citrus, Bay Leaf, Coriander & Sandalwood.

Nutrition: Vitamin A,B12, C, E, Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, & Polyphenols.

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