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1N Black 1N Black 24
2N Darkest Natural Brown 2N Darkest Natural Brown 24
3N Dark Natural Brown 3N Dark Natural Brown 24
4N Med Natural Brown 4N Med Natural Brown 24
5N Light Natural Brown 5N Light Natural Brown 24
5M Light Mahogany Brown 5M Light Mahogany Brown 24
6G Dark Golden Blonde 6G Dark Golden Blonde 24
6CG Dark Copper Golden Blonde 6CG Dark Copper Golden Blonde 24
6N Dark Natural Blonde 6N Dark Natural Blonde 24
7A Medium Ash Blonde 7A Medium Ash Blonde 24
7N Medium Natural Blonde 7N Medium Natural Blonde 24
8A Light Ash Blonde 8A Light Ash Blonde 24
8G Light Golden Blonde 8G Light Golden Blonde 24
8N Light Natural Blonde 8N Light Natural Blonde 24
8S Light Sand Blonde 8S Light Sand Blonde 24

Reinvent your appointment book with Rusk in 10 permanent creme color! This new hair color line offers 100% total grey coverage and rich, dimensional color with superior shine and condition that lasts - IN HALF THE TIME! With just ten minutes processing time, it is perfect for clients on-the-go, as a touch-up service, or a suggested add-on service. Especially today, Rusk in 10 is the perfect way to continue coloring clients who might be cautious about spending too much time in your chair, or clients who would otherwise resort to at-home color. It strengthens and protects the hair throughout the coloring process, has advanced micro pigments for natural looking tones and can be used on all hair types. Perfect performance and profitability make Rusk in 10 a perfect 10! 

Why Rusk In 10 Hair Color?

-It's ideal for a booth/suite renter
With Rusk in 10 hair color, you can carry less inventory with 15 customizable shades. One color line works for clients looking for 100% grey coverage, a quick touch-up and as an add-on service.

-Men's service
Create a dedicated men's service menu that includes Rusk in 10. The 10-minute processing time appeals to a male clients who might be used to quicker salon visits. Also, when hair color is positioned as "easy grey coverage" or a "simple touch-up", it might be less intimidating.

-Capture the at-home box color user
For your clients who shy away from color services in the salon, Rusk in 10 is the perfect upsell for those already sitting in your chair. Why not add on a quick root touch-up if it only takes 10 minutes to process? Once they see the beautiful end results (and realize they do not have to deal with messy application on their own or inconsistent color), you could have a client that now needs your color expertise on a regular basis.

-Time = Money
The faster a service is, the more clients you can book in a day. The experts at Rusk say that cutting a typical appointment time in half by using Rusk in 10 will allow you to schedule twice as many clients! With an average $60 service price for a root touch-up, imagine how much more you could make! Also, Rusk in 10 is approximately 58% less cost per ounce than the leading competitors. So, a more economical hair color + faster processing time = increased salon profits!


  • 10-minute processing time
  • Micro Pigment Technology
  • Low ammonia
  •  Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Standard mixing ratio: 1:2
  • Uses a dedicated 20-volume developer
  • Choice of application tools - bowl/brush or applicator bottle
  • No heat needed

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